Gambling is a popular activity and the studies have indicated that around 76 percent of men and 68 percent of women gamble, in the United Kingdom, every year. This includes every type of gambling, from playing the National Lottery, to betting on horses, to various online sport and arcade games. Gambling in the UK is regulated by the Gambling Commission, an independent body set up in 2005 to monitor all forms of gambling in Britain.

In the past ten years, the UK has seen massive growth in online gambling. From teenage students to businessmen people are flooding into gambling rooms, both online and offline, like never before, as web games have been offering large numbers of cash prizes and a number of sites, televised high-stakes tournaments and other hottest games on the internet are also letting users compete for a wager in multiplayer games and tournaments. Online gamers are now going online to place their bets, where technology gives them access to a greater wealth of information and knowledge.

Betting shops and gambling enterprises are a common sight in most cities around the British Isle, wherever a significant number of people with disposable cash can be expected. There are various gambling associations and online gambling organizations established in the United Kingdom which have been providing information to the gaming industry and giving political representation to the government.

Gambling and gaming associations in the UK provide relevant information to the international clients on the UK gaming industry and also offer information on the UK’s gambling laws and regulations. These associations also promote fair competitions for licensed European Union operators and the possibility for consumers throughout Europe to access regulated, secured and safe gaming and betting services. SeachMe4, the UK based online local information and business directory provides details of the leading online gaming associations, operators and betting shops established, licensed and regulated within the country, like Castle Leisure Ltd, The Golden Nugget, Gamexchange UK Ltd, Extreme Gamez Ltd, and Lottery Kiosk, to name a few.

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