The pieces on a backgammon board are known as chips. Dependent on the quality of game set that you have the backgammon chips could be made of several different materials. The more budget game sets, where you have a cardboard set that folds up when finished, typically come with chips crafted from moulded plastic. This type of chip is just fine for novices.

When you decide what direction you intend to go, for instance, purchasing a rollup one or a table-top board, then you’ll notice that the calibre of the chips advances with the quality of the game board. What happens if you have a backgammon set for numerous years and the game chips start to wear or crack? Even high-class chips might become neglected or even lost. You cannot play your fixture without the ideal quantity of backgammon pieces and no set ever seems to appear with spare chips.

Luckily, there are numerous places you will be able to acquire substitution pieces. It would be difficult to purchase the same ones as you have used for the last few years from your treasured set but there will definitely be one to replace with.

You will be able to acquire these substitute pieces at most stores that sell games. Sets are sold in various different ways – You could acquire a set, which means game pieces for either side crafted of high quality polished up plastic or you may purchase them crafted out of wood. They are on offer in almost any colour you can possibly select.

The typical cost for a set of backgammon chips runs from $20 to $35 contingent on what you select. The ones made of wood are more costly. If you are purchasing form an internet store, do not forget there may be shipping charges to take into account.

By Carlton Leigh
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