Reasons Why Online Casinos are Better than Land Based Casinos.

Some people would rather play at Online Casinos then land based casinos. Here in lies some of the reasons people play at online casinos.

a) At online casinos there is no need to wear clothes or find a parking spot for your limo.

b) At online casinos, if you drop your chips they probably where potato chips not the chips that you play with at land based casinos. Usually someone else will pick up your chips and run away or the chips will roll under the poker table.

c) At online casino if you make an embarrassing blunder or mistake in your betting decisions, there isn’t anybody around that will laugh at you. Plus you can take your time to make a decision on a bet, nobody will bug you about the time.

d) At online casinos you do not pay 5 dollars for a hotdog.

e) At online casinos you never have to wait for a seat at a poker table game or use the public washrooms.

f) At online casinos you never have to worry about the condition of a poker or slot machine used by people, after they have used the public washrooms and if they washed their hands.

h) At online casinos when your wife brings you a cocktail there isn’t any burning desire to tip and probably the drink won’t be watered down either.

h) At online casinos you don’t have to make that long drive to the land casino and pay $4 dollars a gallon for gas to get there. You just logon to your computer and your there ready to play.

Online Casinos have become extremely popular today but there are some negative things about these online casinos.

a) At online casinos there is no free alcoholic drinks.

b) At online casinos you do not see dealers shuffle cards or deal, you have to trust the casino software.

c) At online casinos when your playing a multi-player table game, there is a chance that others are cheating and the casino software hasn’t detected the action. Also with all the computer experts and hackers roaming the Internet how secure is your personal information.

d) At online casinos there are clocks in the room so you can see how much time you are spending playing poker or other casino games.

e) At online casinos there is no human contact involved so isolation affect certain people, anti-social behavior.

There are good and bad points made about online casinos, risks and rewards, dangers and advantages to play online casinos but so does life.
Online gaming can be fun especially when you win big. There are many people who make a living playing online, so playing at online casinos can be profitable.

By James Murray
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