So you write online casino and gambling articles?

Perhaps you or your company has a press release they wish to submit to the various news services, or maybe you are just looking for websites that publish articles to gain some links and visitors to your gambling related website.

Articles and press releases are a great way of gaining site recognition. From how to play various gambling games, to the latest news regarding online gambling, surfers are always looking for “how to” type articles and webmasters are looking for new content for their website(s) in order to make their sites interesting and “sticky”.

The majority of article submission sites allow you to create a “by-line” generally at the bottom of the article. The by-line should be a short accurate and descriptive paragraph about the author and usually may include a link to the writers website. In order to gain the maximum benefit the included link should “point” to the home page or a related topic page on the authors website. It is pointless, and can be harmful for your site to point the link to the exact same article on your website as this can result in a search engine “duplication penalty” – Google it. In fact if you submit an article to a submission site it is best if you do not include the same article on your site at all.

Press releases

Submitting your press release to sites like and often results in your release being listed in major news publications, the media, and online news sites such as Google News and Yahoo News. As long as your press release is well written and informative these submissions generally result in a lot of extra traffic and add credibility to your website.

Article submission websites

There are many websites that accept articles on a huge range of topics. Usually by submitting your article(s) to these sites you are granting authorization for your article to be used on other websites not owned by yourself. Your article should be well written and of some use to surfers, do not make your article read like an advertisement for your website or you risk rejection of publication, you should also be sure it includes factual and informative information. is a free service which actually allows you to submit your article to their website and 30,000 plus publishers with only one submission.

A fairly new website that is fast becoming popular and publishes articles related to gambling and online casinos is Website Gambling. To have your article or news related to the online gambling industry published, your article or press release should be informative and interesting. It is free to submit your article however a return link to the site must be placed on your website in exchange for their service.

Another popular website to submit your gambling articles to is Submission does not include auto submissions to other websites, however is a popular article source that is quick and easy to use, plus you can tell at a glance how often your article has been copied for use by other webmasters.

By Ian Langtree
Ian Langtree owns and manages Website Gambling an informative online gambling news website that accepts articles for publication that are related to the online casino and gambling industry.