Online gambling is a $4 billion industry…no peanuts here! And all this money has to change hands between avid gamblers and trustworthy (hopefully) gambling establishments. Whether you’re new to gambling or have been placing bets or playing online for many years, a trusted gambling forum can help you play safely.

Methods of Money Exchange

There are several ways to exchange funds when gambling online. The most common methods include Debit/ATM cards, check or money order, money wires, NETeller, prepaid ATM or 900pay. Some sites accept third party processing options, such as through or Google Payments. But whichever option you choose, it’s wise to research the gambling venues you plan to work with through a gambling forum.

Why a Forum?

A gambling forum can, first of all, help you determine which online casinos, sports books, etc. are trustworthy. This is extremely important because there are so many scammers online today. Folks can scam you out of your money faster than you can say “cash or charge.” And once you type in sensitive financial or personal information at a scam website, there’s no getting it back. Scammers will either charge you and keep charging your card without permission, steal your identity, or even sell your information to others. It’s too risky when you don’t know the person or company.

A gambling forum often does research to find top quality gambling venues, either online or in popular cities such as Las Vegas or Macau. Gambling at a Singapore casino? You might be able to research online through a forum to find out which one’s the best before traveling! A gambling forum can help you check the authenticity and security level of a website before entering your information. You’ll want to use only secure sites that can protect your information from hackers. Without certain security features in place, you and other gamblers will be vulnerable to identity theft.

Online Banking Safety

As with any online purchase, make sure the site you’re buying from is legitimate. If you notice a switch in the domain name when you click the link to purchase, then make sure the other domain name is legitimate. If you notice the page is not secure, don’t go further until you know it’s a trustworthy company. Never give sensitive banking information online if you can help it. Use a third party company or a debit card that’s linked to a separate account than your main bank account. This enables you to limit the funds available in that account in case your card number is stolen.

If you plan to transfer or wire money online for gambling, be sure to use a trustworthy go-between company such as NETeller to do so. This ensures your financial information is secure while the money alone is transferred to the recipient.

You’ll also need a secure way to receive money when you cash out your winnings. This can be done through NETeller as well, or via check/money order or regular wire transfers directly from the online casino to your bank account.

Besides keeping your money safe while gambling online, a gambling forum provides tips, gambling guides, city-specific guides (such as a Las Vegas guide) and gambling rules to help you understand the game. It’s wise to study all you can about gambling sites and the types of games you wish to play. This can help you stay safe and maximize your chances of winning!

By Chris Robertson
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