Already the Department of Justice in the United States had flexed their muscles back in January, 2007 when they arrested the two founding members of NeTeller and charging them with transferring of funds for promoting online gambling. Apparently they may face up to twenty years each in prison if convicted on these charges.

As well the American Department of Justice is asking for documentation from foreign banks as evidence in the laundering of money for the illegal online gambling in the United States. I don’t think anyone is going to be the winner in this situation and they will not stop online gambling in the United States as they will just drive it underground and make the situation worse than what it is.

If anything the proper way to address this whole situation is by actually the American Government to work with the online gambling industry and to regulate it. What have we gotten instead is a Witch Hunt by the American Department of Justice and the Religious Right minority in the United States trying to dictate their beliefs upon a majority of the population.

Prohibition of Alcohol did not work during the 1920’s and if anything it helped to create organized crime in the United States with the likes of Al Capone and the Mafia. People still got alcohol though by illegal methods and eventually Prohibition of Alcohol came to an end because it didn’t work.

Already with online gambling we are starting to see the problems already with new online casinos popping up that are not so reputable as well as new funding methods for online gambling that are scams. Now we have a scenario where all the corruption is going to start with illicit means of funding online gambling as where before at least companies like NeTeller were legitimate.

The claim also by the American Department of Justice that monies from online gambling fund terrorism is another good one. I think the present American Government will just about create any story to justify their need to do what ever they want and this is a good fabrication.

In the end I think we will see online gambling legalized in the United States though with different players. You will more than likely see the likes of the major land based casinos going online and dominating the internet in the United States with their online casinos. The catch will be that they will not have to use affiliates to promote their online casinos thus being able to keep all the money for themselves.

By Barry Ohman
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