Poker should have been conceived by a bright fellow and the inventor of the chip must have been a genius! The game requires high skill and experience, is played in casinos internationally and rapidly gaining recognition as a game that implies bluffing. Poker game, when played live, requires a table, poker chips and playing cards. People who gamble regularly are not necessarily champions and if they brag about their winning, they are liars or don’t participate in poker games. Lou Krieger “believes in poker similar to his faith in American Dreams. The game is good and enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit and on victory, nourishes the wallet”. The poker game, a mixture of numerous games from ancient times, is a gambling sport from which you should quit on repeated failure.

It was earlier played in saloons. The easiest Poker game is 5-card draw, ideal for novices. Poker game is played with 52-set cards, of clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds, and consisting of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, numbers ten-to-two, with decreasing value, Ace enjoying top valuation. Chinese emperor Mu-tsung, prior to A.D.969, might be the first player of domino, a card game. Later, Persian Ganjifa, Asnas, French Poque, German Pochen and Spanish Primero were forerunners to poker. Poker became popular in France, Canada, America and then the entire world.

Presently in modern casinos, Texas Hold’em, a deviation from Poker, is the most popular game, apart from manila, draw, razz, split-pot, anaconda, stud and video pokers. Sometimes mixing the strategies of different poker games results in new adaptations like H.O.R.S.E (combining Hold’em, razz, seven-card stud eight-or-better and Omaha), eight game mixed, etc. International tournaments of Poker are regularly conducted to popularize and improve viewership of the game. Television channels broadcast poker games that have broadened the game’s scope. Online sites also provide superlative graphics and free-training software. Poker has mesmerized a huge population of international followers, men and women alike due to the simplicity and expediency of the game. True to its name, Poker – a game of bluffing, was originally not popular due to players cheating. The progress of online Poker games was mainly due to:

• Improvement and licensing of Poker software
• Superior safety management for protection from hackers and swindlers
• Availability of Sponsorship and media support
• Organization of tournaments and world tours at frequent intervals.

Online poker games are advantageous over traditional poker games due to their user-friendly and alluring nature. Gamblers benefit from reduced operational expenses of online operators through higher bonuses and jackpots. The security risk for Poker players is very low along with cheaper transportation cost, food and alcohol when compared to playing in traditional casinos. Tobacco pollution is non-existent and there is no restriction on playing hours. Player’s ability to replay games at leisure hours helps them understand mistakes. Beginners moreover learn the game through unlimited hours, choosing games to their preference. In spite of the earning potential of the game, a wise man would always be careful not to wager money that is essential for his personal expenses.

By stickystebee