Practice makes perfect applies to all fields of endeavor, including poker. Poker tutorials provide an excellent opportunity for novice poker players to perfect their game. There are other methods of learning about poker but none as good as online poker tutorials. Books on poker can teach the rules and strategy but do not provide a platform for playing poker, and unless the player plays deal after deal he cannot become perfect. Earlier the poker player could get this practice only during live play at poker tables. But till he understood the nuances of the game he would be taken to the cleaners by the poker professionals and hence deterred most poker hopefuls. With the advent of gaming technology demonstration poker games proliferated on the Internet. But these games only enabled the poker players to play for free. They did not correct the mistakes and therefore the players imbibed wrong strategy. When they began to play poker for real money they found that they constantly lost.Online poker casinos realize that their business will flourish only if there are good poker players around. Therefore most online poker casinos have interactive poker tutorials that have the resources to produce good poker players. The first content in poker tutorials is the rules of the game, the poker hand rankings and elucidation of poker strategy. Players next learn about the sequence of play that includes the procedure for dealing the cards, fixing the stakes and actual wagering. This is made complicated by the fact that different versions of poker are played differently. Also the more popular versions of poker are the stud poker games in which the cards are dealt in stages with intermediate rounds of betting. Here online interactive tutorials are very useful because they display this in an animated form requiring players to actually participate in the process.

In good draw poker tutorials players are dealt five cards and are asked to decide which should be held. After the poker novice makes his choice the tutorial prompts him whether his choice was correct. If the player has made an incorrect choice the tutorial informs the player the winning percent of his move and the winning percent of the optimum move. The online poker tutorial prompts the player to try again. The player can keep trying till he wins or seek the correct solution from the tutorial. The tutorial also explains the logic behind the correct choice. In many stud poker games the player has to choose five cards to make a hand from seven cards dealt. Online poker tutorials help the poker player to select the cards that give the highest possible ranking. It is a cardinal to choose a hand that is not the best.

Poker tutorials are available in most online casinos and it would be foolish not to take advantage of them.

By Riza
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