Poker is a game that uses not only cards, but psychology. In a sense, it is the ultimate gambling game, because you not only bet on the cards in your hand but on other player’s reaction to your psychological front in the game. It is a deep game from a psychological standpoint. Serious poker players must have nerves of steel and perhaps a bit of luck, but most will tell you luck has nothing to do with their success. It is knowing how to bet and when.

The game itself, in it’s offline version, is technically a family of card games. A more common version has five cards per hand. Players will try for combinations of two or more cards of a kind, or sequences of five card, or five of the same suit. It uses a standard 52 card deck. All the suits are of equal value. Generally Ace is high, downward through the face cards, then the numbered cards. Ace is sometimes considered low if a straight sequence is formed — ace through five. Ace high straights are the most common, Ace through 10.

Every deal is its own pot, a separate game. This feature makes poker one of the most interesting of all card games because the ante starts all over. Betting continues through one or more rounds depending on how the cards fall and what the players decide to do, and the best hand takes the pot. Though this sounds simple, it has overtones of complexity depending on which poker game is played. For example, when wild cards are in play, high hand becomes five of a kind — unless otherwise specified as a royal flush.

Most good betters base their decisions on the ratio of expected profit to the amount bet and on the chances of winning. Though many are not familiar with the mathematics of the game, experience teaches them the difference between a good and bad bet. Couple this with the psychological assessment of the other players at the table, the expert has advantage over the beginner. Poker is a game best learned through repetition and experience.

By stickystebee
There are many resources online to learn poker, the first step is to obviously know the rules and the difference in value of each hand. With experience of playing poker, you are able to develop a strategy aka poker face!