Online poker is widely played on the internet worldwide. Poker online has witnessed a dramatic increase in players worldwide.

The total revenue of online poker industry is in billions.

A traditional brick and mortar poker facility like casinos or poker rooms are reluctant to promote this game as it is hard to profit from it for them. Although the rake is often high, but at the same time the running costs of a poker room are also higher. Land based casinos make more money by placing more slot machine in place of poker rooms.

Poker online is really cheaper as adding more tables does not cover any space like it does at a land based casino. Also at an online poker room, you can play for low stakes, as low as 2 ¢.

And there are poker freeroll tournaments that have no entry fee.

Online poker rooms also have collusion detection abilities which you cannot find at a land based casino. While playing online poker, you can check the hand history of the players which you cannot do at a land based casino.

In the history of online poker, the first online poker was player on 1st January, 1998 on Planet Poker.

Today, there are hundreds of online poker room and increasing very fast. All the online poker rooms lure the players with different things like almost every poker room on the internet offer its players a sign-up bonus that is generally double the first deposit of a player. New poker rooms like spela poker are doing well.

Another feature is offering tournaments known as satellites that give entry to real-life poker tournaments.

The poker rooms on the internet not only offer free bonuses to the new members, but they also give bonuses to their loyal members.

These poker bonuses are of two kinds – deposit bonus and no deposit bonus.
With a deposit bonus, one needs to make a deposit in order to claim a bonus whereas there is no need to deposit money with a no deposit bonus.

The games at the online version of poker are the same as they are at a land based casino like Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Omaha etc.

By Rishab
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