The story of casino games is fascinating and wonderful, one among which lies The Game of Poker. Poker is a game of cards, played for money. The game was first introduced as its presence among gamblers, during the early 18th century. Since then, it has undergone various moulds, as and when its players felt the necessity. Today it has its presence as well and is most widely played in casinos whether it is online or the old traditional way.

As you get to learn and discover the standard odds of any game, you start heading towards discovering what the game is all around and how to act on it. Same is the case with this Game. As the times changed, there could have developed the different versions of the game, but the basics of the game, lies the same. Summarizing in a nutshell – The person playing the game with the best five-card hand, wins the game.

It is important to have a look on the history of Casinos and Gambling, to get a grippy-hold on the subject. Man has started to gamble for the want of money, estates and other luxuries, which may not be easily accessible through regular course if limited income, for some. He invented this procedure, to grab the portion of his wants in a short-cut way, even being aware of the fact that if missed could result in loosing everything he possesses.

Casino – refers to the Italian word, which means a little house accessible to the public, meant for purely entertainment purpose with a neck for money by means of playing money-games. Such games have been played since ancient times. It is said that it started in China in around 2400 BC. During that time man used to use a pair of dice to throw away for a judgmental decision as who wins the chance.

The time elapsed and the game of gambling took its own turn and introduced many folds of it in the general public giving it a look of casinos. In present day America, Las Vegas and Mexico City are the main marked cities where in casinos the game is played optimally. There are different variations in present day casino and poker games. With some expectations to win the jackpots, this thrilling game has gained its popularity in all age groups.

On the basis of categorization, the game of poker is considered as an important game among other casino games. With the advent on internet these games have got their highest popularity as online games. Millions of players play it online, involving large sums of money worldwide. Over the internet, the first casino game was introduced in the late 1995. Since that time, new games are being introduced on a monthly basis.

Like all other games, the game of poker also requires a strategy to play. The best part lies within is being aggressive, at the time while you have a hand. Another important part of this game is – bluffing, commonly used to make money. It is your own personal style, which leads you to play the game’s odds and win it.

To be the master of it, while playing it you have to learn the art of how to deal with the cards, how to form hands, how to split between high and low hands, the limits of bets and about the rounds of allowed betting. Moreover people are even making the game more popular by gaining extra points to the game like poker tournament and championships. People participate in these to play and win in online casinos.

The rules of dealing cards and betting has given birth to three sub categories of this game, namely – straight, stud and draw poker, all of which are somewhat unique to their kind. Another modern variation to the game are – flop poker, video poker, strip poker, red dog poker and three cards Poker. These games differ just slightly, from the traditional poker game, as for example – Video poker is a played on computer, and in strip poker the players strip out clothing if they loose their game.

Simply speaking, the today’s day poker may be called upon, one of the advanced form of entertainment source gaining people grab real money. May be government and law officials imply some restrictions and added tax schedules, but this game in casinos has always been a charming source of entertainment and having fun for us and will remain for years to come.

By Tugston Floghart
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