I like poker, no let me rephrase that – I love poker!
If you told me 2 years ago I’ll be playing poker and even earning some cash from it, I would have laughed straight there in your face. Me? Poker? I was in the University, who thought of poker then? I was too busy with exams and getting a degree…that was until I started watching ESPN and the WSOP that sucked me right into this world. What can I tell you, it’s an amazing game that has everything in it. It involves psychology, strategy and a little of luck. So, now you’re thinking maybe you should give this amazing game a try, right? But how do you pick a room to play with all the hundreds out there online?

That is where I come in to help you out a bit. In my poker portal you will find everything you need to know about poker. From poker strategy to professional poker room reviews, best poker promotions, hottest poker bonuses, poker videos to learn from the pros, poker bio about the pros and how they became so rich and famous and even a poker shopping section so you’ll have everything you need. But before you dive there and start your poker journey, here are some key points before choosing a room:

1) You know bankroll – Play with the amount of money you know you can “lose” and nothing bad will happen. Play for amount that allows you to sleep at night.

2) Enjoy the game and don’t be afraid – When playing poker enjoy it! Never be afraid to bluff here and there or lose your money, if so you won’t play loose and end up losing instead of winning.

3) Find your match – Play for small stakes, build yourself a bankroll, gain confidence and only then move to higher stakes and more money.

4) Promotions are your friends – Choose the room with more promotions updated often. This means the room will always have new and special promotions for you to compete for and maybe win.

5) Small rooms are not always bad – Think about it. Small rooms have less players and often they are not very experienced, more casual players. When mastering the game, you will be able to win a fair amount of money in rooms that are not too big and don’t have too many good players in.

There are much more good tips and ways for me to show you how it is possible to make money out of poker, and if you’re interested you should visit our poker portal – View On Poker.

I wish you all the best and luck, see you at the tables…

By View On Poker
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