Poker is a game of skill. If you do not believe that then just watch The World Poker Tour which is one of the most successful programs on tv. This aired poker games let the viewers see how the drama of playing poker game unfolds.
It also shows an important part of human nature. This is a truth that the lives of thousands of players embody – winning gives a natural high. And just like any other intoxicating thing, winners always want to win again.
The thing with poker plays however is that one cannot have a guarantee that he or she wins all the time. Whether the play is a tournament or individual hand, winning all the time is not possible.

Winning does not happen automatically. And the long pile of losers prove that point. Therefore, an important part of winning is knowing how to handle disappointments if one loses. Lose gracefully and know when to quit are very important considerations in poker.

Poker particulary Texas Hold’em requires great skill level. But luck in these games are great too. Skill in playing poker differs from player to player. Just as luck are different too. Some people may have equal amount of good and bad luck but for others, luck or lack of luck may go on for a long time.
When you are in one of these periods then you need to first recognize them and second, adapt accordingly. These are necessary skills of a poker player in order to handle the game well.

If you are playing well but do not seem so lucky, you are better than a player who thinks he is playing well but rather merely relying on luck in reality. Determining when you are playing well and when you just got lucky are very important skills in poker players.

A good example of luck and skill is the No Limit Hold’em. This poker game requires great amount of talent plus great amount of luck. Often the people who get to the final tables are often the luckier and the more skilled ones. This is different from other poker games because you can reach final tables without relying on luck at all.

A bad player cannot figure that. The law of physics and mathematics apply to poker games too. But even if luck figures in the plays, one should not rely on it alone because luck is not within your control unlike your skill.

By Hollie Wilcox
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