There’s no doubt about it – the popularity of poker is at an all time high. From weekly poker nights held in dining rooms to wagering in poker rooms, casinos, and (where it’s legal to do so) online venues, the game appeals to adults of all ages and from all backgrounds. Indeed, poker’s popularity is so high that, in the United States, poker tournaments and celebrity poker tournaments are regularly televised.

Poker Coaching

Although there are books and other resources to help players improve their game, the latest trend is to seek out poker coaching. Given that coaches help players of other sports and recreational activities hone their skills, it’s not surprising that poker coaching is catching on. And, since most people have access to high-speed Internet connections, it makes sense that the most successful poker coaching programs are available online.

Services Offered by Poker Coaches

Whether you want to learn how to play poker or you’re a seasoned poker player who wants to refine your strategy, poker coaches offer something for everyone. Typically, poker coaching involves one or more of the following services:

Poker Mentoring: With poker mentoring, you are first assigned to a professional poker who watches you play online, and then assesses your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, you receive assignments that you complete at your leisure, after which you are tested on the material. As you progress in learning Texas Holdem strategy, additional lessons are assigned, such as interactive poker videos where your decisions are recorded. You then discuss your decisions and questions with your poker mentor via email.

One-on-One Poker Coaching: As its name implies, one-on-one poker coaching matches you with a mentor. Typically lasting one hour, a poker coaching session consists of two elements. The coach will watch and analyze your play, target the areas where you need the most help, and then discuss theory and strategy with you so that you can improve your game.

Poker Videos: Given the ease with which video is streamed on the Internet, it’s no wonder that poker videos are popular among players seeking to improve their games. There are as many videos as there are types of play, and gamers often have access to dozens of videos that will help them hone their approaches and Texas Holdem strategy.

Hand History Reviews: Many players find that the best way to get feedback about their poker strategy is to have a professional poker player review hands the student has actually played. The poker coach analyzes the hand and provides advice about what the optimal play would be each time you were faced with a decision.

Cost of Poker Coaching

The cost of poker coaching varies by the type of service you desire, but an entire mentoring system that includes an assessment, several learning modules, hand analysis, poker videos, and so forth can cost under $20 a month. Typically, within three months of coaching, a player will see a dramatic improvement to his or her game.

By Chris Robertson
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