As players who like to play at top online casino, you should have to keep some responsibilities in order to the smooth functioning of casinos and feeling good playing atmosphere.

1. The players are solely responsible to determine whether the access and use of the online casino by the player
2. The deposits to the online casino and receipts of winnings from the game are permitted under strict applicable laws. Before playing at top online casino of UK you should ensure to understand all one online casino games rules. Play casino games with best guide of gambling and take online players advice by live chat room available at UK casino website.
3. Do not transfer your rights under the any agreement you accepted with casino people, without prior written consent from the top online casino portal.
4. All the players are fully responsible for any taxes, fees and other costs incidental to and arising from any winnings resulting from use of the online casino.
5. The member players will indemnify and reimburse to the UK casino for any costs, expenses or losses that may be caused to them as a result of any claim or demand made by any Govt. authority.
6. The players have to inform the casino of any changes of registration details in a later stage. Players read promotional offers for online casino bonus and claim for it while making there deposit with live casinos.
7. The player should provide all information requested by casinos and necessary for the operation of the Player Account such as proof of identity bank details, etc.
8. The player should understand about all promotions, bonuses and special offers. These terms and conditions are available always on their sites itself.
9. The players are solely responsible for keeping of all computer systems and telecommunications networks, internet access services they need to use in order to access the online casino.
10. In any case any of the casino guide sites will not be liable for any losses caused to the player due to the use of computer and internet.
11. The player should accept the random number generator will determine the outcome of the games played on the online casino.
12. The player also agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on the software and the game server, the result that appears on the game server will prevail and the records of casinos will be the final for determining the winning of game.
13. The player will not commit any acts or engage in any conduct that is or that could be reasonably expected to be damaging to the reputation of the casino or software provider to play casino game online on your computer.
14. The player will fully indemnify, defend and hold casinos and their employees or agents harmless from and against any kind of losses, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities and damages caused, that may arise as a result of or in connection with access and use of the website.
15. Anybody using the username and password of a player is ultimately goes to the players account. So do not give player username and password to anybody.

Always keep in mind that all the online casino sites reserve their right to change anything from time to time as set out in their rules and regulations. So it is the responsibility of every player to check from time to time and see whether there is any change and play accordingly.

By Suresh Nair
Hi, I am Suresh Nair. I have published number of articles for top online casino in ezines and other articles sites, besides this I am a regular writer of free UK roulette games and many other games. I love to play online casinos games.