If you have played slot machines then you may have come up against certain machines that tickle your fancy. If you have not played online slots yet then this article will give you a little bit more information to help you, a possible user, in getting started.

The majority of online slot games provides you the chances to win some great rewards while combining awesome yet challenging graphics for a great slot machine game.

Some of the eerie symbols that are featured on Ghost Pirates include such symbols as compasses, firearms, maps, anchors, and some pretty creepy pirates that come form the after life.

Ghost Pirates allows you to comfortably bet on the lines that you want, but with a bet limit. The coin denominations can be anywhere from one cent to fifty cents, but the maximum amount that you may bet on one certain line on this slot machine is five cents.

One example of a jackpot that you can win on this machine is a jackpot amount of one thousand five hundred. The second highest jackpot you can win is close to one thousand cents.

Now we will go into a couple of the special symbols that you can find in the game Ghost Pirates.

One of these special symbols would have to be the Wild Pirate skull symbol. The Wild Pirate skull symbol basically allows you to substitute this symbol for any of the other symbols in Ghost Pirates, which allows you to easily make combinations if this symbol comes out.

The second of these special symbols will have to be the Chest Scatter symbol. The Chest Scatter symbol is a hard one to hit on Ghost Pirates but it allows you to gain a reward of having some free spins during your play. During these free spins you can win free coins. With this symbol you can even win up to a maximum of twenty five free spins, which can add up to a lot of coins that you can win in the end. If all the extra coins that you can win doesn’t make you happy there is another aspect to the Chest Scatter that you may not know, and this is the fact that you can win triple the amount during these free spins. This can really add up your booty in Ghost Pirates.

Ghost Pirates is unique because the game allows you to win two hundred and forty three different ways so is one of the best online slots around.

You can find places to play Ghost Pirates online that give you the basic feel on how to play the game. In order to find different places to play Ghost Pirates then you can do an internet search on Ghost Pirates, and find numerous ways that you can play on the internet.

Now you know a little bit more about the game of Ghost Pirates, and I hope that you have found out a little but more about the game and have figured out that it is a fun game with the chances of winning big. So, if you visit online casinos or wherever you play your slot machines, and you see Ghost Pirates make sure you put in a few coins and see if you win big.

By Ben Carson
UK casino reviews