The first game I ever learned how to deal in a Casino was Blackjack. In the corner of the training room was this Craps table where new dealers were learning to deal the game of Craps. I was amazed how intense these new dealers were and how difficult they claimed it was to learn the game of Craps. It was then that I decided I needed to find out what this was all about.

In a casino the craps table always seems to be the loudest and busiest. People are always cheering, laughing, screaming and joking with each other. So when this happens squeeze right in and secure your spot for this fast action filled table game. Dice is where the action is. All good dealers love to deal this game.

Like every bet that happens in the casino, craps is designed for the house to win and the player to lose. I have noticed that over time the player almost always loses. The best that you should hope for when playing craps is to minimize your loses and have the most fun you could ever imagine.

The secret to craps is to find a mix of numbers that allows you to walk away from the craps table with a smile on your face, even if you lost. The secret to having fun is to play longer, to walk away with some left in your pocket, or maybe even as a winner for the trip.

So if what I say is true, that players rarely are winners at the craps table, then why do people just flock to this game? Well like I mentioned earlier, it is where the action is. It is the game where people are truly having a great time, they are loud and happy at the craps table.

In summary, if you want to play where the noise is, where the experienced gamblers usually play, then when you walk into the casino with the lights flashing, the slot machines chiming, walk straight to the craps table. Get in there beside that hot shooter and have the fun you went there for.

Good Luck!

By Steven B. Jackson
I am an experienced casino dealer. WHile dealing at my local casino, I have observed most players totally throwing money away because they do not know how to play. All casinos thrive on these players and it is time to help others learn to play these games to win. Find more information at