Many of you who are reading this article have probably played several slot machines. You may or may not have played the Pandora Box Slot Machine before. If you have then you will know most of the information that will be provided in this article, but if you have not played the Pandora Box Slot Machine then this article will both tell you about the Pandora Box Slot Machine and the basics about it.

The slot machine game of Pandora Box is centered on in its graphics about the Greek culture. This is where the legend of the Pandora Box originated from so it would be almost basic to base the symbols, and any other graphic around the Greeks. The symbol images that you can find in Pandora Box are symbols such as the grapes, olives, harps, jugs, and even Pandora.

The coin denominations for the Pandora’s Box slot machine range from one cent up to a dollar.

If you play Pandora’s Box you have the chance of winning a good pay out from the machine. There are extra symbols on this slot machine that we will go into full detail a little bit later but those extra symbols are the Wild God Symbol, the scatter symbol.

Let’s begin to explain about the Wild God Symbol. With the wild god symbol it will substitute for any symbol on the board except for the scatter symbol. If you were to hit five of the wild god symbols in a row you will win ten thousand cents in an amazing jack pot. This wild god symbol allows anything you win to be multiplied by two.

There is also a symbol called the Golden Wild. The Golden Wild symbol typically appears on the third reel. This symbol basically works like the other wild card symbols. The only difference with the Golden Wild, and other basic wild card symbols would be the fact that it pays out up to four times multiple.

What you want to look out for though is the Pandora scatter symbol. This symbol if found three times on your reels will activate one of the extras in which you can win some free spins. If you win money off of a free spin then it is multiplied by three. This means that you can win some big credits. The only downfall of the Pandora scatter symbol is that you can only win up to ten free spins.

Now you know a little bit more about the awesome slot machine game of Pandora’s Box. You have learned about the graphics, and the story behind the graphics. You have learned about the symbols that are used with this came, and even the coin denominations that you can use. We have learned about two of the wild card symbols known as the Wild God, and the Golden Wild. Both of them have great rewards that you can get from them. Lastly we have learned about the Pandora scatter symbol in which you can win some free spins. So by now that you have had the chance to decide if you wanted to play the slot machine game of Pandora’s Box. You can find these games at most online casinos or try searching for an online casino list.

By M.W.
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