If you are proficient at the play blackjack with your experience in regular casino but have never yet tasted the online blackjack considering the fact that it is not secure enough, this article will definitely come to your use if you are planning to play online. Here I will show you some cases of which you have to be always alert.

First of all, I must say that online casino industry is billion dollars industry where scams and fraud may take place and it is not very unnatural. But still many reputed casinos have retained their dignity and popularity having discharged a fair playing culture. Therefore research is an important part for a player to pick a good one before he sets his foot on this avenue. There are loads of internet sites where play online blackjack is very easy with their web based software solution and their payout is really prompt. But only you have to find the right one.

Now let me cite you some uncanny situations of which you always have to be cautious while playing blackjack at any online casino.

1) If you find that all the time when you get a ‘blackjack, your dealer then and there have a ‘blackjack’ too making it into a ‘push’.

2) If you observe that once you reach at 16 or 17 and the next hand is persistently going to be a ‘bust’ but the dealer persistently being able to issue a small value card to manage the same situation when he reaches 17.

In these cases the casinos is perhaps apparently showing that they are using a random number generator but everything is being regulated by the casino. It is always advisable for you to leave such a rough casino without any delay before you lose huge money.

Implementing the Blackjack basic strategy in your online blackjack game can help you bring down the regular casino edge to as low as 0.5%. So, what do you think this implies? Of course, that you can win more! So, just go ahead, practice and apply this strategy to play online blackjack successfully and win more.

By Chanchaldi
If you are an online blackjack player, how does an advantage play method that can help you gain an edge over the casino, sounds to you? We are actually talking about a chart that tells you how to play almost every possible hand in Free Online Blackjack Games. This technique is also popularly known as the blackjack basic strategy and Free Blackjack Tips.