Poker is acknowledged as a major sport by experts in the field. This was not always the case. It took television exposure to get the ball rolling. About a dozen years ago, cable television networks took a chance and tried to fill some time by televising professional poker tournaments.

To the amazement of many, the television ratings for the events were solid. Soon, networks began to get in on the poker craze, with the same ratings results. Today, every evening you can find televised poker games and poker tournaments on both cable, as well as network television.

This exposure has led to an explosion of poker popularity. Additionally, poker is featured on over two thousand online casino websites. Every month there are thousands of new players added to the poker rolls online, and these people become loyal players. However, there is a dichotomy that exists between players who are looking for fun and those who wish to pursue poker on a more serious tone.

There are sites where both types of players can play poker for free and for their own personal reasons. Free casino sites offer free poker download play without requiring a fee for service. This means that you can now play poker online for free, for as long as you care to play and whenever you feel like playing, without incurring a penalty for the privilege.

The best free poker sites, such as the incomparable, offer poker games without downloads. Their poker games are offered in flash games format, which saves you a tremendous amount of time that is otherwise wasted when you play on a site that employs time-consuming poker software.

Poker software that must be downloaded onto your hard drive is time and space wasteful – you can play as many as 50 games of poker on in the time it takes for a poker software program to complete its download. Play poker on a free poker download site when you play poker online.

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