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The strategy is to define coherent speaker according to a logical sequence to achieve or to achieve one or more goals. Poker strategy has only one objective: You do make money. To succeed, you must make the right decision you sleep, follow or act.

To make the right choice between these actions, you should take into account a multitude of information of a mathematical, psychological and listen to your instincts.

Most of the poker rooms offer variety of poker games for free which is known as play-money. In play-money you don’t have to spend any real money but you are offered free money to play on these poker rooms.

To play free poker, you must first download software and register on an online poker room which offers free tables. Software is free to download. On some of poker rooms you can also play poker without downloading the software.

Once registered, poker rooms will credit you a sum of virtual money that you can spend at leisure on the tables free. If you spend all your virtual tokens, simply click on the “Checkout” to recover, always free.

Play poker for free, but make money anyway

Some poker rooms offer free tournaments paid, with or without conditions.The largest free tournaments are rarer and require certain conditions. Often, you must have played real money a number of hands. These tournaments are more interesting, since the amounts of profit are much more important, where you make your first deposit of money; you receive an invitation to a free tournament with, let’s say, $ 1,200 to win.

Play free poker, advantages and disadvantages

By playing free poker in play-money, you can start your poker learning and gaining experience without paying a high price your mistakes. You play against players who are often at the same point as you, so you might win and you would not seem ridiculous. There is also no shame in being a beginner: the great champions have gone through there.

For against, you should keep in mind that poker is a game that takes full extent when it is played with a challenge!

When you feel ready to move to real money poker, you will soon find out that players are much more attention to their chips and play more seriously.

Then you can begin to develop strategies to adapt the way you play depending on your opponents and make real progress.

The passage of play in real-money-money can be done smoothly, it is possible to play parts that will cost you only $ 1. Some poker rooms, conscious of apprehensions of new players in real-money, set up tables reserved for beginners. These parties or poker tournaments are reserved exclusively for members less than 3 months and are tailored to their budget (it is possible to play with $1).

By Jesse Gong
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