With the advancement of mobile phone technology, you can now play games on many mobile phones. Sometimes you just need an escape from reality and what better way to do that than to get lost in a game.
Therefore, you may not be excited that your mobile phone has gaming capabilities. The only difference between the games of the present and the past is that the games you can play nowadays are just as good as an arcade, computer or Play Station game.

Where to Get Games for a Mobile Phone?

Some mobile phones already have games preinstalled, so any additional games may have to be purchased.
You can also opt to download new mobile phone games directly, so when you go online to download these games, you can read reviews to see how good they are before you download them.

When you download a game, you need to download it onto the right phone, as some game applications will only work on specific phones with the right capabilities. There are free mobile games for Samsung phones, Nokia phones, Motorola phones, Blackberry phones, the iPhone and many more.

Your Favourite Games

Some of your favourite traditional games are available for your mobile phone. The greatest part is that some of these games are board games, computer games and arcade games. Some of the games that you can find for mobiles include Pac Man, The SIMS, Bejewelled, Monopoly, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, FIFA Manager 10, Tetris, Texas Hold Em, Scrabble Remix, Real Reversi, Kasparov Chess and the World of Backgammon.

Finding one of these games for a free download for your mobile phone is extremely easy. Just perform an internet search for the game you want and your mobile phone make and you will find thousands of great leads.

Passing your time watching a movie or listening to music on your mobile phone can certainly help you to relax and take your mind off things. However, playing a mobile game on your smart phone can make hours seem like minutes. Just make sure you don’t let your phone run out of battery.

Downloading the games is very easy and it just takes minutes to download dozens of new games to your mobile phone. You will have all of your friends trying to get a sneak peak of the games you have downloaded for your phone this week and no doubt trying to beat your top scores.

By Carleton Smith
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