The word BINGO is a widely held word across the world. Though this word is associated with music, film, stage, literature, people, place and food; it is popularly coupled with game. The game bingo has been played since the 16th century, and it has given birth to the lotto (here a person wins by having all numbers for the lotto draw). It is a famous game for all age groups played with a large number of people in their residence and other avenues for entertainment or some people play as a gambling game to earn money for them or for charitable organizations.

It is printed cards of 5 X 5 grids, 25 numbers in total. Each grid has a number usually paired with letters on the top of the grid. The goal of bingo is to be the first person to show five numbers in a row. When a person gets the five numbers, he or she wins the game and cheerfully shouts out ‘BINGO’ and get the prizes or money or simply pleasure of winning. This particular game is UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Many churches offer this attractive game at night once in a week and people purchase more than one grid card thinking about more chance of their winning.

If you type the word bingo in a search engine in the internet, definitely you get hundreds and thousands of sites providing with free bingo download, free online bingo games, there are free bingo bonus to guide you to the best free bingo, bingo halls, best bingo bonus and online bingo. Playing these online games are very easy, just click the on the given logo or banner of the game or on the link, choose a user name and a password, enter your e-mail ID and within a second the page will be ready to start the play. There are many online bingo sites like USA Bingo, Bingo Hall, Geisha Bingo,, etc. They offer excited offers to play and win some great prizes. These online bingo sites use state-of-the art bingo software that certainly can attract any bingo players. But for a regular bingo night’s player it may not be the exact alternative.

Today bingo is a registered under the bingo act of 1996 and is declared as a recreational and entertainment activity. Thanks to the internet and the software developers who made this game popular not only in UK, USA and Europe but also all over the world.

By Allen joy
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