Play Free Bingo for Cash

During the past decade internet bingo has rapidly grown and industry experts predict that in 2010 internet bingo will generate over $1 billion dollars in revenue. Millions now play bingo on the internet and despite shrinking attendance at traditional land based bingo halls internet bingo continues to grow in popularity in the US and Europe. In the UK alone there are over 250 websites serving a growing market. Several internet bingo sites offer free bingo to attract new players to the game. On many websites it is now possible to play free bingo for money and other prizes.

Most bingo websites offer two versions of the traditional game. In North America 75 ball bingo remains the most common form of bingo while in the UK, Europe, Australia and some South American countries 90 ball bingo is extremely popular. Usually 90 ball bingo offers the player three chances to win. 90 ball bingo offers players three separate chances of winning which are;

Line-the player covers a single line on the card.
Two lines-the player covers two lines on the same card
Full house-the player covers all numbers on the card.

When internet bingo was first introduced most bingo websites required players to open an account and deposit money. Most games had to be downloaded but now most bingo sites have switched to JavaScript or Flash games which can be played instantly. Competition among bingo providers prompted many to offer free bingo and a wide variety of player perks. Bingo sign up and deposit bonuses can be significant allowing players to double, and even triple, deposits. Free bingo games are exceptionally popular and some bingo sites now routinely offer free bingo for cash prizes to attract new players. Free bingo has been one of internet bingo’s most effective marketing techniques and according to industry experts free bingo games are the most popular among players.

It is not difficult to locate free bingo games on the net. The search term ‘free bingo’ generates 7,360,000 possible results on Google. Industry giants such as Mecca, Gala, Ladbrokes and many others now offer players free bingo for cash prizes. Free bingo sites also offer prizes which can range from a new car to luxury vacations in exotic ports of call. As always players should check the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings and should also read the privacy policies. Thanks to new technology and intense competition players can now play free bingo anytime.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.