Facebook the is biggest social network and bingo is the most social game! And when a game like bingo meets a social network like Facebook, the fun exceeds to the most unimaginable boundaries!

Out of many bingo operators online, 123bingoonline is one bingo site that proudly flaunts their bingo games on Facebook. With its extensive and lavish bingo treats, reaching out to the hearts of the millions of bingo fans on Facebook was not very difficult for 123bingoonline.

The bingo venture on the 123bingo Facebook application is free, rich and exciting! Here have a look at few of these free, rich and exciting features:

Types of Bingo Rooms: 123bingo application on Facebook features two shades of bingo rooms: the Red Room and the Green Room. When you enter, both these rooms display a particular set of bingo cards. Select the cards of your choice and in case you don’t like the cards, you can ask for another set of cards by clicking ‘Get New Cards’ option.

Both these rooms have an auto-daub tool that automatically strikes off the numbers on the bingo cards selected by you. If you manage to create the stipulated bingo pattern displayed on the top left corner, you win the bingo game!

Red Room: Red Room is on level one on 123bingoonline and all the new players are welcome to this room. No criteria to satisfy and no boundaries to cross! Just buy cards, play bingo games and win bingo games to gather more and more credit points.

Green Room: Green Room is on level two on 123bingoonline and to unlock the Green Room satiate any of the following touchstones.
Play a minimum of 101 bingo games in total.
Either win a set of at least 2 bingo games a day or a total of 5 bingo games a week.
If not this, you can also qualify for the Green Room by referring 123bingoonline to at least 50 friends within a month.

Once in the Green Room, you can rejoice in various perky perks! Talk and make friends with their inter-player chat options. Plus, in comparison to the Red Room, Green Room gets you the benefit of being able to purchase the bingo cards for half the price and winning double the prize.

Gifting Bonanza: Besides all this, enjoy taking a dive into their massive flux of gifting bonanza every day, every week and every month. Play bingo games and collect maximum wins to secure the top two positions on the leader board every week and win amazing gifts.

After four weeks of bingo bouts, there’s a nice surprise for the player of the month! The player to score the maximum wins over the period of one month wins the player of the month title and is garlanded with a fabulous surprise gift.

For a chance to win real gifts for a free gameplay, join 123bingoonline application on Facebook and get ready to take a free of cost, win-a-gift bingo ride. Enjoy!:-)

By Ammy Wilson
Ammy Wilson is an experienced author/writer having an experience of about 12 years in the gaming industry. The aricles written by Ammy are enriched with valuable online bingo related info. Ammy’s articles are a rich source of info on bingo bonuses, free bingo chips, how to, best places to play, bingo daubers and secure bingo platforms etc.