To play blackjack game, you must know the basics. The beginning level of blackjack is the common basics learned when playing the friendly version most people play as kids. The basic game has one educational benefit, improving basic math skills. As you move up in skill level of blackjack, the rules can become more challenging as well. To play blackjack game for money, the rules definitely change. Before risking money to play this game, it pays to learn more about it. Methods to learn more are through tutorials. These tutorials can be found in books at the bookstores and libraries. Other tutorials can be found on the internet. When learning the in depth rules of blackjack, online free blackjack games will help test your learning curve. Also, the more you get involved in the game, you will learn new methods to bet to improve your odds of winning. When playing by casino rules, you will see obvious differences in the game. Some of these differences include the way the cards are dealt. All player cards are dealt face up. The dealer’s hand, the first card is dealt face down and the second card is dealt face up. The players then get their opportunity to hit or take additional cards to improve their hands. The dealer then will turn his cards up and if his hand is sixteen and below the dealer must take a card. If the dealer’s hand is a seventeen or above the dealer must stand. Most casino blackjack games are played with six decks of cards at a time. With this, the payouts also increase on blackjack. If you have a blackjack, it will pay one and a half times your bet. Again when gambling for real money, be cautious about risking money you can not afford to lose.

By Mark Ternin
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