The most common descriptive word associated with the game of bingo is “fun”. So it’s only naturally that thousands of fans of the game would enjoy the ability to play bingo online for fun. There are many ways to play, and lots of incentives to do so.

The majority of the earth’s educated population is well versed in the use of a computer. In fact it’s mostly the extremely young and elderly that are not computer savvy these days. But if you get granny in front of a computer and just teach her how to play bingo online for fun, it’s a safe bet she’ll become computer literate before your next weekend visit!

When you play bingo online for fun, you can play a much more versatile selection of online bingo games. Chances are, if you live in the United States, you’re only familiar with the traditional North America version of 75-Ball Bingo. Residents of the United Kingdom and all over Europe have been raised on the game of 90-Ball Bingo. Then there’s the newest version of the game called 80-Ball Bingo, also known as Shutter Board Bingo.

All of these great online bingo variations can be found on the internet, and all are available for free or real money.

75-Ball bingo is widely preferred for its plethora of patterns. To play bingo online for free in a 75-Ball Bingo room presents over 300 different patterns you can win on. The patterns change with every game played, offering things like airplanes, coffee mugs, umbrellas, astrological signs, numbers and alphabetical letters. The possibilities are virtually endless.

90-Ball bingo has its perks, too, namely the chance to win up to three times in a single game. Each ticket contains three lines of 5 numbers each, and if you’re the first to fill a full line, you win. Another winner is announced for being the first to fill the second line, and of course the biggest winner of all is he or she who fills the entire card first; called a Full House. This version of the game is perhaps the most readily available when you play bingo online for fun.

80-Ball Bingo is virtually the same as 75-Ball Bingo but offers only a 4×4 grid of numbers, instead of 5×5. However, this online bingo game has more numbers in the mix, so it’s not really any shorter. The game does not use patterns. When you play bingo online for fun in its 80-Ball form, you’ll need to cover all numbers on the card to win.

There’s no reason you should have to play online bingo for real money, but you can play for real prizes. When you play bingo online for fun at some sites, there are valuable prizes up for grabs. They might be items, like a new television set, mobile phone or mp3 player. Or it might even be a free shot at real money bingo games. A lot of people who play bingo online for free are getting bingo bucks, which can’t be withdrawn like real cash, but they will purchase tickets to real money online bingo games just like real cash. In these games, there will be actual monetary prizes up for grabs. So even when you play bingo online for fun, you could be playing for a lot more than an entertaining pastime.

By Donna Dorsa
Donna Dorsa is an advocate of promoting safety and responsibility for all interested in the online gambling industry. She has spent the last four years publishing content relating to the intricacies of online bingo, casino and poker markets.