There are so many things you can do for free on the internet these days, and playing online bingo is one of them. You can play bingo online for free at hundreds of bingo sites, accepting players from all over the world.

The world wide web is overrun with online bingo sites of all sizes and particulars. In fact, online bingo has been around nearly since the dawn of internet. When I first started surfing the web in 1996, online bingo was already a staple of computer entertainment. Intrigued, I tried to play bingo online for free. It was quite entertaining, yes, but terribly slow and often crashed.

Those were the days of dial-up internet connections and java in its lowest, prehistoric form. Thanks be to the cyberspace gods, modern technology has changed all of that. Flash capabilities and broadband internet connections have brought us streaming graphic quality in real time that is as clear and expedient as watching a live sporting event on television. That’s exactly what it’s like now to play bingo online, for free or otherwise.

The majority of online bingo sites offer the ability to play bingo online for free or for real money. Unlike online casinos, online poker rooms and online sports betting operators, not every online bingo site presents its payers with a free version, so you’ll need to look around a bit to make sure you’ll be able to play bingo online for free at your site of choice.

One of the most beneficial reasons to play bingo online for free is the ability to earn real prizes. In many cases, a free online bingo site that also offers real money play will entice their free members with real bonus-cash prizes that can be used to purchase bingo cards and tickets for real money bingo games. It’s like winning real cash except that you can’t withdrawal it. You can only use it within the online bingo room.

A lot of bingo players start out this way, getting a decent sized bankroll together by playing bingo online for free, then converting to real money games where the big cash prizes are; the kind you can withdrawal later.

Most of us grew up learning how to play bingo, but I’m sure there are a few of you out there that have honestly never played the game, and may not even know the rules of playing bingo. Perhaps your friends invited you out for a night of bingo and you were too embarrassed to admit you didn’t even know how to play. It’s very simple, and if you want to learn, what better way than to play bingo online for free?

There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to play online bingo for free, and the excitement value alone is perhaps the most popular of all. Whether you’re new to the game, learning the ropes, in it for fun or hoping to build a sizeable virtual wallet at an online bingo site before shooting for the big money prizes, the ability to play bingo online for free is nothing to scoff at.

By Donna Dorsa
After more than four years of analyzing the online gambling industry, Donna Dorsa has become an advocate for educating those with an interest in online bingo, onlie casino, online poker and other online gambling opportunities.