Passions over a Gambling House

Each of us has fatal passions throughout his life. We are not perfect and human nature is a complete inconsistency, therefore it is quite natural to possess a number of harmful habits. On the other hand, we are not to become slaves of our weak nature, of our spirit of adventure or just passion. And one of the things that can either entertain a person or spoil one’s life is the habit of attending gambling houses.

The nature of the gambling industry resembles any other addiction to a large degree. First, you try this attractive game. You have heard of it a dozen times; some of your acquaintances point out that it is a total disaster which has ruined millions of lives and led their families almost to suicide, but others assume that it is the most lucrative thing in the world and a most exciting pastime as well. You are not sure who is right in such a twofaced situation, and there seems to be only one option – to join the game yourself and to make your own bet. What would you choose, my dear reader? Being decisive is not always a perfect advantage, once in a blue moon it might be just a lame excuse.

So, we are to decide upon the main question. Should you start gambling at all or should you just do your best lest you would become a simple weak-willed addict? Well, let’s dwell upon the problem discussed.

You might ask a reasonable question – how can gambling drive us into the dead corner? Well, it can be just a sort of entertainments arising hopes every time you select the best combination of numbers possible. Our desires often appear to stronger that our will, and the very moment we make a bet leads us into the world of dreams. It may seem a joke, but we need these colorful pictures of imagination more than gambling itself; in addition, the actual sums of money that people normally win are simply ridiculous. And many of us are conscious that such a habit is the least lucrative thing in the world. In any case, we are to remain sober and sagacious not to become gambling addicts, and nothing should affect our judgment.

On the other hand, when a person has high hopes and takes card playing or something like that too seriously, it may totally ruin his life. The history knows a lot of examples when individuals wasted all their savings on a mysterious dream and alluring perspectives, and in the end found themselves below the breadline. The important thing is that gambling addicts can be pretty selfish in their childish games, for they often make their families live from hand to mouth for the sake of nothing. And they do not even realize that they make others live almost on the edge of starvation.

To sum up, we can assume that gambling itself as a sort of entertainment has a number of positive features beyond a doubt. Nevertheless, one should place reason beyond everything and trust not only his intuition and desires, but logics and argument. Being naïve is not the best option in life, particularly when we have a family which depends on us in the morally and in terms of finance.

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