Paris offers one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The glory of walking beside the Seine watching the lovely bateaux going by, splendor of Tuileries, and the imposing magnificence of the Eiffel Tower… who wouldn’t want to avail of a grand holiday in Paris.

Le Paris spells grandeur and style. To vacation there, therefore, you might want to live it up in grand style. While your tour operator might come up with the best Paris packages you might to want utilize your discretion with regard to selecting the best luxury hotel in Paris with a range of enviable amenities and facilities. Looking for something that is historically rich, the ultimate in comfort, and preferably with a good address? In that case we have a few suggestions before you put that phone call through to your tour operator. The first among which is the Hotel Le Bristol in Paris located over the highly sought-after Rue de Faubourg Saint Honore right in the heart of the city with terrific panoramic views of it.

This great luxury Paris hotel is steeped in some pretty impressive history going back to mid 18th century when it began to emerge along with Place Louis XV which later came to be known as Place de la Concorde. Originally the mansion of the Duke of Noailles, the hotel passed through several (royal) hands and was witness to the two world wars during which it underwent refurbishments in grand style.

Le Bristol is a high profile hotel with 161 rooms and 73 suites, all beautifully appointed and sumptuous with an accent on comfort. Currently, some 26 rooms are being added to it, all of them imbued with modern yet old-world décor. Not too far away is the Palais d’Elysees, the residence of the French President. As you step into your room you will be, most likely, overwhelmed by the plush period furnishings harking back to a more glorious century. Your eye next falls on the commodious bed spelling luxury and comfort. The rest of the furnishings are all immersed in visual opulence that is also tastefully understated.

Despite being situated on one of the busiest streets of Paris you won’t get any of the traffic noise outside.
Step away from the boudoir into the marbled splendor of a mirror-studded bathroom. The deliciously decadent aroma of the Hermes range of bath products will fill your senses even as the huge bathtub with its overhead shower stares up most invitingly, even cajolingly, at you.

For a dining experience with a difference step into any of the restaurants or lounges of this luxury hotel. Chances are that you will come across the haut monde including dignitaries and film stars. Eating out – especially in summer – takes on a whole new meaning when your favorite nourriture is served to you by a diligent staff under a colored parasol in a well-manicured garden with excellent floral views.

During winter when the weather gets foggy and unpredictable you can sit underneath the Baccarat chandeliers in the most pleasant and elegant of surroundings while you dig into your food and wine.

Get your tour operator to include Le Bristol in one of your Paris packages!

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