Land based casinos and online casinos have similar characteristics yet they also have some differences. This may seem odd but it is true. Land based casinos which are found in 192 French cities are the same as online casinos because land based casinos were around before online casinos.
Here are some of their similarities: the games are not different at all and the quality is the same. You may find them on the casino group Partouche, Tranchant, Barière, Joa casinos or Coigt. A gambler may find slot machines, video slots, baccarat tables, blackjack, roulette, craps, sic bo and more. That is why gamblers love playing online.

However there are numerous differences between these two casinos. For example: the casino bonuses. Online casinos know how to attract players by their various promotions such as games. When casinos offer 2400 Euros worth of bonus others offer you 3000 Euros worth of bonus they play around with percentages to come up with exceptional bonuses of 300% whereas this bonus is only available at the third deposit. They use a simple marketing strategy by offering bonuses with certain specific conditions therefore players should read the terms and conditions carefully.

It is not rare to see a player win a casino game but be denied his bonus because he did not play x number of times. in fact on certain casino games, the player has to play a certain number of times in order to claim his winnings. This only applies to the money you have won because of the bonus. If a player wishes not to receive a bonus, he can contact the casino customer service which allows him to claim his money whenever he wants. Online casinos offer different types of bonuses. The first one is the free bonus which is for amateur players who have never played online. Casinos will transfer the money into your account within 24 hours or 48 hours either 10 or 20 Euros. He is not obliged to spend this money at the casino; he can even treat himself to a movie. Once the money is credited, the player can use this amount to bet on a casino game to familiarize, evaluate the graphics of the games etc. if he makes it to the second round, he needs to make a first deposit. A welcome bonus is offered. The welcome bonus is the first, second and third deposit bonus. Casinos usually offer the first three deposits under the category “welcome bonus”. If the player is loyal to the casino because of the welcome bonus, a loyalty bonus will be offered. The more a player bets in the same casino, the more his loyalty will improve his conditions. Casinos give points to players according to the following VIP system: VIP Bronze, VIP Silver, VIP Gold, VIP premium and the best VIP diamond. Being VIP Diamond you have all the benefits and you can withdraw your entire winnings without limits. Certain categories of VIP can only claim their money after a certain amount and withdraw a certain amount each month.

Other bonuses are to incite players to play for an extended length of time hence High Roller bonus only for big players who have to deposit a huge deposit in order to receive an enormous bonus. Bonus for the method of payment is a brilliant idea to encourage players not to use their bank cards but to open an account on Neteler, Moneybookers or other virtual banks.
The bonuses of online casinos allow players to make the most of their playtime. A round of slots in a land based casino can last 10 minutes but at an online casino the round can last 2 hours thanks to the bonuses.

The bonuses are attractive because the player can play for a long time but sometimes there are additional terms which the player should find out.

By Vincent
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