Once upon a time gambling and particularly slots machines were available only in specially demarcated places which were legal for gambling. Today, you can gamble online in your bedroom if you want, as long as you have a computer and high-speed Internet. If you are an avid fan of online gambling, you would find it difficult to adapt to the land based casino gambling and vice versa.

Which One Is The Best Between The Two?

This might not be a fair question to ask, but for the sake of the argument let us compare the offline and online slot machine games and see whether either of them can win over the other.
Advantages of Online Casino Slot Machines

High payout:
You do not need to worry which slot machine is a loosing or tight machine any longer. With land based casino slot machines, the question was always on your mind about which machine would actually be the best bet. With the online slot machines this worry is over and with a payback percentage of 90% (with a few exceptions shooting up to 95%) this is not a bad option at all.

High availability:
if you ever frequented land based casinos you would find that the slot machines are always busy when you want to play. Not so with the ones online. Here you can play at any online casino slot machine you like, any time of the day or night; and this is a great advantage.

Advantages of Live Slot Machines

High entertainment value
– playing live means you can play slot machines and still have the choice of many other games that are offered by the land based casino. There is a magical ambiance in a casino and this usually gives a heady feeling like you are out for a rendezvous with luck. That magic does not always come out of the online casino games.

High awareness
– gambling is heady and for many an unstoppable habit. While you are playing in a casino your mind would definitely register that you are running out of time or out of money and hence check a binge on the making. Not so with the online slots, where you could overshoot your limits with great ease just because it is easy to loose yourself in front of the computer.

The Name of Game Is Winning

Now, whether you are playing online or offline here are some strategies that would keep you on the winning lane.

Bet the maximum coins
– you will find that most recent machines have an option ‘multiple-coins’ or ‘maximum coins’. If your machines have it, play that button. The advantages here are that every time you do so you multiply the amount you are likely to win – hence you get the maximum payout.

Progressive Jackpot
– this is another reason why you should hit that maximum or multiple coin buttons – you become eligible for the progressive jackpots which often are too huge to imagine. These progressive jackpots can pay you the maximum only when you have hit the maximum coin button.

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