Slot machines are very popular. They are loved by players worldwide. All online or offline casinos have slot machines. Some of them have thousands of slots.

But most players use not effective strategy playing online slots. And these players don’t know that they can improve their chance to win. Although there is no slot machine playing strategy that guaranty long term winning, you can win much more.

I give you some simple but effective tips how to play online slots. They are useful for live slot machines players too. Following these tips is easy and profitable. Just do it!

* Play with money that you can afford to lose. Do I say that there is no slot strategy that makes you long term winner? OK. I repeat. There is NO slot strategy that makes you long term winner! If you can stop playing, you are probably compulsive gambler. You must go to specialist, not to casino!

* Make sure that you understand pay table, jackpot and other bonus requirements.

* Divide your bankroll into equal parts. If you want play 3 days, divide into three equal parts. Find slots machine that allows you to place at least 50 bets. I mean that you must have bankroll equal 50 times of smallest bet amount.

* If you want play as long as possible, find slot machine that allow you play one coin. There are many slot machines that have disadvantages for players who bet less than maximum coins.

* Put 50% of you winning into other pocket. This is money that you can’t bet. Save them.

* Do not play if you tired or drunk. Slots don’t demand complex actions from players. But the do not forgive inattention.

Enjoy playing online slot machines. Slots are entertainment. You went to casino to relax. So, relax and enjoy playing slots! If you are afraid of playing real money slot machines, play free online slots.

By Alexander Korablev
Alexander Korablev – owner of Casino Money Blog – Useful information how to get casino money for FREE! – Get 200% Slots Bonus!