Ever wonder how to play the slot machine? For starters, here’s the common scenario to give you an idea. The player pulls the handle, signaled by a thud, the 3 reels start to spin. The highlight and most anticipated part of the game is when the 3 reels suddenly stops one at a time. If all 3 displays the dollar symbol, the player is several dollars richer – depending on the jackpot prize!
Casinos install slot machines as a diversion for casual gamers and for decades the technology of slot machines has changed. The classic mechanical designs reel strips that represents the playing cards – the king, queen and jack – have evolved to online slot machine games available through the Internet. People may prefer one type to another but judging the excitement brought by the elusive ring, the signal that a player hits the jackpot, we can say that the game played on local casino or online continuously serve its purpose.
The online versions of a slot machine game have set off with flashy lights and in to the groove sound effects mostly better than the traditional counterparts. The two kinds of slot machines differ in the atmosphere. While playing a slot machine on a casino, you can enjoy the ocular view of numerous busy players, a room full of excitement, adorned with chandeliers, furnitures, casino tables and more. Part of the joy of traditional slot machines is the players can touch it physically, they exert an effort to pull the handle to make the reel spin and anticipate the result. The disadvantage is when you want to move from one slot machine to another can be a big difficulty. First, you have to cash out your credits then you have to pick up all your coins and walk over to the other slot machine.
On the otherhand, you can enjoy playing an online slot machine game at the comfort of your own home. If you get tired of playing a certain slot machine game, with 3 clicks or less you’re on to the next game version and your credits goes with you automatically.
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By Gambling Goddess
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