In the world of computer gaming, online slot games have become very popular. Reason being, they do not require one to learn complicated skills or strategies. They are fun and can have you hooked for hours. Online slots have the classic features of offline slot machines, so it makes them easy to play. Ever wondered when the first slot machine was invented, or how they evolved into online slots?

Most games usually draw their source from ancient rituals or customs of earlier times, but in the case of slot games, it was a little different. First, they came many years after ancient times and really, they were created simply to keep wives and girlfriends entertained while men gambled uninterrupted.

Slot machines can be traced back to 1891. A slot-type machine which consisted of drums that held the images of fifty cards and was based on the popular game of poker, was placed in bars in Brooklyn, New York. Created by Sittman and Pitt Company, these slot machines were such a success, soon every bar had one.

The first official three-reel slot machine with actual cash payouts, was developed by a German inventor, Charles August Fey in 1895. Fey named it ‘Liberty Bell’. It was such a hit, Fey built another. His second was a collaboration with the Mills Novelty Company and it was named ‘Mills Liberty Bell’. Mills soon after, built another slot called the ‘Operator Bell’. It was a light-weight version of the original Bell machine.

It was only in 1901, that the first mechanical poker slot machine was produced. Big Bertha and Super Big Bertha came later and they were the first electromechanical machines developed in the 1950’s

Finally, Online slot machines made their first appearance in the 1990’s following the offline computerized slot machines produced by Sircoma in the 1980’s. Online slot casinos took off, mainly because they are easy to use, can be played in the privacy of your own home, they are fun, and most importantly, you can win big bucks.

How online slot machines work:

A typical online slot machine, like their offline slot brothers, have three reels that spin once the virtual lever is pulled. Each reel has 20 symbols or more. Once the reels stop, the pattern in which the symbols are displayed determines the victory of the gamer. Usually, if all three reels arrive at the same symbol, the player goes home with a jackpot, but there are other winning variations.

Most online slot games are computerized and the resulting symbols are controlled by computer chips. The machine is preprogrammed and the payout percentage is determined by the random number generator (RNG). As soon as the virtual lever is pulled, the RNG goes into action generating random stopping points for all three reels.

The RNG has the potential to produce a billion combinations and is a reliable system that keeps the online slot game functioning properly. It determines the payout and is extremely mathematically precise.

Using the RNG system, casinos have devised two different types of slot machine games. They are called, the straight slots and the progressive slots. Straight slots pay out predetermined amounts with every spin. Progressive slots allows for the jackpot to multiply with every spin.

Online slot games have become extremely popular. They attract online gamers and people who just love to gamble on or offline. Once you get the hang of them and find a trusted site to play, you can have hours of fun and hopefully win big jackpots! Good Luck!

By Cristina Morena
Cristina Morena has been gaming for about five years and is a regular player at Slotland. Since she is passionate about playing online slots, she’s written a number of articles related to online slots, online casinos and so on, which help those who are new to the game. In her experience, Slotland is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. For more information on the site visit: