Although at its first years, a lot of poker player has been hesitant with playing online poker thinking it is not “real poker” Today, Poker online made a dramatic increase in the number of poker players worldwide. Including me, I am twenty and I am not yet allowed to enter a casino (but to be honest I was able to pass through the security without being caught when I was 18 when the minimum age allowed is 21). Thanks to my favorite online casino I did not have to wait for another year(pretending that I haven’t gone inside) to be able to get inside a casino and play pokies or poker and wager together with professional and amateur poker players.

Texas Holdem Poker (as seen on facebook) is by far, the most popular Poker game in the world today. But online poker games features a variety of types of games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha and seven card stud.

Comfort is the best online poker has to offer, if in case you aren’t living besides a casino, you wouldn’t need to drive an hour to feed you crave to wager. Compared to live poker -online poker offers a lot of poker rooms (more than 200 and counting) that you will not have a problem looking for a table and you are not bound to play with just one table. You can even play at multiple tables at a time not minding too much of your hourly rate, in online poker games you will be able to play 60-100 hands per hour.

With the tools provided, you will be able to know who are the pros and donks within your table. Also with the customizable software, you get the chance to choose your own background, table layout, four-deck colors, animation, sound effects, and even your own avatar. Online poker brought in limits that casual players can play without having to worry about losing their entire paycheck. With online pokers you wouldn’t need to deal with live dealers who has no or have little idea with what they are doing, cards are instantly shuffled and done perfectly.

Strategy is still an essential part for the winning but having anytime of the day to play poker, to play anonymously with a nickel-dime at stake and with the small rake taken out of the wining pot, Online poker is far better than live poker. Not to mention that tip isn’t an essential part of winning.

By PlayPokiesOnline
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