The famous game of online poker US has never ceased to expand and prosper despite the strict regulations that it has to always deal with which are set the government. Various poker sites for US players have greatly increased and a lot of individuals have eyed the advantages such online gaming sites can bring. So whether it is to make money or just plain adoration for poker, Poker players online enjoy the advantage of having this classic game already in the most interactive form it can get possibly get into.

A research made by Poker Players Research in 2009 said that there are about ten million Americans who play online poker to be able to win real, cold cash. United Kingdom comes next which is said to have about 1.9 million players playing for real money as well. With the transition of UIGEA in 2006, the decline in the number of American online players became apparent. This was when the government announced massively that the games of online poker are all considered illegal. Despite of this, a lot of poker players still did not give up their love for the game. This is pretty much apparent when you will take a closer look at the leading online poker sites still not disappearing in the scene. Thousands and millions still unceasingly register and play in leading sites like PokerStars.

The government made the decision to set a law against online poker gaming due to the reason that they are finding it hard to handle and get inside the transaction flow of the business. Yet still, the situation remains the same. It seems that it is not only the transactions that cannot be controlled but the enthusiasm of a lot of people as well in playing poker, whether it is online or not.

Online poker especially in the US would continue to pick up more popularity since more and more people are gaining interest to know lots about the game and master the skill of winning. The count of those who participate in various poker tournaments, whether live or online, just shows an increase every year. In the United States, Poker would always remain as a way for a lot of people to escape the harsh reality that life brings us once in a while since it is a good source of entertainment. To date, there are about ten million American playing poker through the Internet.

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