When facing everyday life, you always seem to budget for everything. You budget your car and house payment, your groceries and gas money for the week. You budget for your play or extra curricular activities, budgets for anything and everything. How many of us actually stick to this budget? Probably not very many, but there is one budget you need to stick with, or it could end up very costly!

When you are out on the town, having fun at the casino, or even playing online poker, have you ever stopped to think how much you can afford to play on? Do you have a bankroll or do you know what your poker bankroll is? I am sad to say, many of us don’t even know what a bankroll is, let alone how much it is.


Out of the many people that play slots and online poker, there are few people that ever come out ahead. Way too many casino players lose money hand over fist. Why is this? Simply put, it’s because most of us don’t have a bankroll and stick to it.

A bankroll is money or cash that has been allotted for the sole purpose of playing casino games. Most usually it is slang for poker money. A poker bankroll is cash that is only used to play poker games for betting purposes.

There are many people that really don’t need a poker bankroll, or need a bankroll in general, because they only play occasionally. But, then there are the die hard online poker players that think they have the poker strategy to actually win major money. It is these people my friends, that need to have a poker bankroll.

These up and coming poker pro’s are the ones that really need to have an allotted poker bankroll, and understand the bankroll management that comes along with it.

What is Bankroll Management?

Set your limit of cash that you want or can afford to play on and stick with it! Your bankroll will be your lively hood of the poker strategy. You very well can’t win if you are already broke right?

There are a couple of ways to manage your bankroll:

1. Know the type of poker game you’re playing: There are many poker games out there, you need to understand your bets and wagers, as well as where your poker bankroll fits into the equation.

2. Divide your poker bankroll into how many games you would like to play. Dividing your bankroll will help you determine how much you would like to bet per game.

3. Adjust your bankroll: If one week you win more money than the previous week, it is a good idea to set the extra winning into another poker bankroll and resume playing on your initial poker bankroll. This enables you to have a cushion and possibly come out ahead in time.

4. Poker strategy: Stager your bets. Do not always bet or wager the same amount every hand.

5. Teaser bets: Teaser bets really do not work well for someone that doesn’t have an invested interest in the hand that is dealt. It’s better to pass than to place a wager at all.

With as many online poker games and real time poker tournaments that are taking the gaming world by storm having a poker bankroll is imperative if you are seriously contemplating trying to go pro!

By Cristina Morena
Cristina Morena has been gaming for about five years and is a regular player at Slotland. Since she is passionate about playing online slots, she’s written a number of articles related to online slots, online casinos and so on, which help those who are new to the game. In her experience, Slotland is renowned for its fairness, security and sincerity. For more information on the site visit: www.slotland.com