The game of poker has been around for about 200 years now. It is being widely played in different countries, in different continents. There are traditional poker rooms where experts can play this one of a kind game of chance.

Traditional poker venues are usually called brick and mortar venues. But through the years, the gambling circus—the casino—has also adopted the game and included it into its game offerings.

Online poker, a brief history

To better know the nature involving poker, you must be informed about something about the card game’s background and history.

‘Poker’ refers to a class or kind of card-game referred to as ‘vying game,’ where players try to outpace or beat each other by coming out or formulating the best possible combination of cards.

Historians claim many things about the real origin of poker. Linguistic scholars insist that the name ‘poker’ literally came from ‘poque,’ a French word which in turn is derived from a German word ‘pochen,’ which means ‘to knock.’

But closely looking at the mechanics of poker, scholars say the card game could have been culted out of the ‘as nas’ game in Persia (the former name of modern day Iran). Studies found that the Persian sailors in the 17th century taught the game to French settlers in New Orleans in the US.

Since then, modifications in the mechanics and procedures of playing have been launched or introduced. It would be correct to assert that like humanity, poker has also evolved and online poker is just one evolution the game has taken over the centuries.

Online Poker vs. Casino Poker –

Some players often are hesitant to play poker at the brick and mortar venues or what we call traditional venues like casinos and poker rooms due to intimidation an geographic problems.

Several casino operators are also starting to shift away from traditional pokers because of slim, or reduced earnings they can generate from the traditional operations. You must wonder, how could this happen when they charge so much for commissions or rake? Those charges, to inform you and fees, are not usually offseting the expenses in running or operating an actual casino poker room.

Casinos strategically survive nowadays from revenue generated by slot machines in their houses.

Online poker, in contrast, are now more preferred by poker organizers because the game requires cheaper overhead costs. For instance, adding one more online poker table will not take long and will not require more space, unlike in brick and mortar.

Players often view online poker as friendlier and more flexible. Each player is prompted by a software when it is already his or her turn to throw cards. Thus, no one will be missed. Online poker is also more attractive for beginners because they can be allowed to play online poker even for much lower stakes, which can be as low as a single cent!

Most of the online poker sites almost always do not collect entrance or registration fees. Can you enter a poker room or casino without paying entrance charges? Online poker – Pretty economical and practical, wouldn’t you say?

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