The jeux keno is a very popular gambling. In Italy the jeux keno is also called tombolas or bingo. Born not long ago and spreads quickly especially online since the game is simple and fun. To play the same basic rules that applies to the more traditional game of tombola. Then the jeux keno games can be considered the modern version of the game of bingo.

Aim of the game

The purpose of online keno games is to cover all the numbers that you have in its own folder. Game folders can vary from 15 numbers 20 numbers under the rules enforced by the online casino. The dealer has a bulletin board where are listed all the numbers in game and extracts a number at a time. When the player is able to fill all its numbers, the game ends and the lucky player withdraws the prize money.

General Rules

jeux keno you can apply the same rules that apply in a normal game of bingo or bingo. The player can buy an unlimited number of folders and can participate in most games simultaneously. You cannot mark the numbers that are not extracted by the bench, only numbers that have come out will go to compose the Board of the dealer.

Stages of the Game

In the game we found jeux keno three different phases of game that the player must follow:

Purchase of all cards: the dealer gives nominal folders, player may decide, according to its availability, the number of folders to be purchased. More folders are used for each consignment and the more chances of winning Numbers: Finished the purchase of the game, the dealer begins to extract numbers and place them in his main Billboard Declaration of win: as soon as one player has covered all the numbers of one or more folders, must declare it. The Bank will execute ‘ verification and will pay out the lucky winners with the prize fund established at the beginning

Final thoughts on the game of keno

The jeux keno is a very fun game that can be done unobtrusively winnings. Thanks to its inclusion within the best online casinos, keno can be considered one of the leading online gaming. Totally unproven.

By Mark Methew
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