With the coming of internet, many things have changed. People are spending more time at home because of internet, and they can easily shop online, pay bills online, interact with people and can also play online. Online gaming industry is increasing at a very fast pace with many websites and online gaming portals providing free game downloads and games room for playing games.

This is one industry which is purely based on the consumer demand and companies have now learned to monetize from this recent craze. Earlier, online gaming industry was restricted to game reviews but now people can try their hand on various games themselves. Online game enables people to interact with people online in real time which makes it somewhat near to real gaming. There are games available online like online casinos, backgammon, blackjack, bingo and the list goes on.

But playing online games can be little risky for people if proper care is not taken especially in case of multiplayer games. Multiplayer online games range from simple card games, chess to adventure games which may involve many players. Players are required to communicate while playing the games, so for this purpose; text chat and voice chat are used.

Sometime, while interacting with the anonymous players, you might give away personal information like email and passwords. Everybody wants to win and for that matter, they can take help of cheat programs. By downloading cheat programs, you are exposing your computers to various unattended viruses and spam which can damage the machine. Many times, players alter the features of these cheat games to win the game which might cause some harm to the computer. There is also a facility of buying online gaming characters with real money. As real money is involved, you are exposed to real thieve also who can easily cheat you.

To save you from above mentioned risk of online gaming, you need to devise some tips which can help you out of such mess. Like while creating online gaming characters you re supposed to create a personal profile, do not give personal details in such profiles. Make a username which doesn’t reveal your identity to any one. Passwords can be easily hacked, so making a strong password is very important while playing online games.

While interacting with players online, do not reveal personal information which might me used against you. Updating the game software regularly will help you by providing the highest level of security settings. Many multiplayer games have the feature of automatic updates in which the game files get updated on its own without you connecting to play. Do not download any unauthorized gaming software and program files which can damage your computer. There is buying and purchasing of ‘property’ done in the computer games like we do in the real world. In such cases, look out for scams and fraudsters who are waiting for people like you.

Playing online games can be very rewarding, adventurous and interesting but only if few precautions are taken so that you don’t fall prey to the online fraudsters.

By Spring H. Gamer
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