The history of online gambling in Europe is an easy on to follow. The United Kingdom cleared the way by becoming the first country within Europe to allow online casinos to come into existence. They created a licensing program, allowing companies to legally hold gambling opportunities for those that are interested on the internet.

Some of the other countries in Europe responded by banning online gambling. These countries saw the troubles that could come from it and sought to eliminate the opportunity for people to gamble online. One example was Italy. They were opposed to the idea of it initially, but in time changed their tune and legalized online gambling. There are other countries similar to Italy that began being opposed to the idea of online gambling, but have since permitted it by making it legal.

Spain has recently followed suit in this manner. Spain has decided to legalize online gambling within the country. There were already many illegal opportunities to gamble online and the country can now take advantage of potential profits that can come from it. By making it legal, many companies will be very interested in paying for the licensing rights to have an online gambling site. With the demand so high, the country has the potential to make a lot of money from it. The licenses will last for five years and can be renewed if the companies follow the rules that they are given.

The United States is trying to eliminate online gambling all together, but it appears that Spain is not on board. In other countries where gambling is legal online there are billions of dollars being moved around. This sort of cash flow can stimulate the economy in a very positive manner. Italy was one of the countries that initially opposed the idea of online gambling. After accepting it, they saw a tremendous amount of cash flow through the industry. The United Kingdom has also seen a large amount of money present around this business and Spain looks to capitalize on the opportunity.

There are still many concerns about the privileges of gambling being put into the hands of the wrong person. In response to these differing concerns, there have been terms set to try to take care of these worries. There are strict policies surrounding the playing of minors and those who are mentally challenged. These policies should prevent these groups from playing, which should alleviate the worries of many that are opposed to the idea.

Many people see that you cannot stop people from gambling. Even if it is “illegal” in your country on the internet, there are dozens and probably hundreds of opportunities to participate in these activities illegally. It is hoped that by making it legal for certain companies to hold gambling online, the illegal market will not thrive in the way it has in the past. Many people will stay away from an illegal alternative if their desires can be met in a reasonable manner without any legal implications.

By Brianne Jett
Brianne Jett writes reviews on various sporting events including the online gambling websites. In this piece of write up, the author highlights on various betting odds i.e. online casino, online gambling etc.