Online gambling is a controversial topic in nearly every nation around the world. There are many negatives to the idea that take away from the positives available in the minds of many.

Gambling in general has been extremely popular over the last several years. This popularity has spike since the early 2000’s. We have seen billions more being spent today than we did 10 years ago. With the increase in gambling there has been a huge issue with individuals in Ireland with gambling problems. There are tens of thousands of people in Ireland that have serious problems with gambling addictions. This is a difficult thing to deal with.

It is particularly difficult to deal with these issues if gambling is available within the home. People with issues can simply log onto the computer and gamble from the comfort of their home. This is of course just one negative aspect of online gambling. There are plenty of positives. One of these positives is that Ireland believes that it can use online gambling in new ways.

Ireland is trying to do something innovative with online gambling in order to help the local gambling scene thrive. The dog racing scene in Ireland has been struggling to stay above water. Ireland is not ready to give this up and they hope to find a way to revive it. One way that the country hopes to revive this sport is through a program that would involve online gambling. This program would send a portion of the money made through online gambling to these dog racing areas. This would subsidize costs and keep the avenue of dog racing open for the near future. Time will tell whether or not this innovative form of legislature will help the dog racing scene stay afloat.

Despite the popularity of gambling in general in Ireland, online gambling has not blossomed like many thought it would. In some countries online gambling is a huge form of gambling in the nation. Ireland is different in that it has never materialized in the same fashion. It has been around since 2003, but it has never caught on the way that many people expected it to.

This could be in part to the availability of gambling outside of the home. There are laws against gambling in the nation, but there are loopholes within these laws that permit certain clubs to have gambling. These clubs have popped up all over and are very available. With such a high availability people may feel like they do not need to gamble online as much because they can simply go and enjoy the experience in person.

Despite the fact that it has not caught on to this point the way it has in other countries, it is expected that the online gambling industry will continue to grow. It may not be as large of an industry as in other countries, but at the rate that gambling in general grows in Ireland, you can expect the online gambling scene to continue to grow as well.

By Miguel Kim
Miguel Kim writes reviews on various sporting events including the sports betting websites. In this piece of write up, the author highlights on various betting odds i.e. online casino, online gambling etc.