Gambling laws in Denmark are not a simple matter, just like in most European countries. The reason is that the government in Denmark divides gambling activity into 2 categories – games of skill and games of chance. Games of skill are only allowed to be played in land-based casinos, which are granted licenses by the government. Casino licenses approved based on government officials decisions.

Games of chance are all controlled by the monopoly Dansk Spil, which was established and operating since 1948. 80% of Dansk Spil is owned by the government, which gives it full control over all chance-based gambling in Denmark. Dansk Spil controls all major sports betting in Denmark, keno, lottery, and bingo games in Denmark. The EU had already expressed its dissatisfaction about how gambling is controlled in Denmark, and continuing to pressure the Danish government to break the current monopoly and open up the Danish gambling industry to other companies.

Online Gambling in Denmark

Dansk Spill controls all form of online gambling in Denmark. Their website is the only online service to allow gambling on the internet. The site offers sports betting, bingo, keno, and a range of card and arcade games. There is a total stake limit for all Danish internet gambling on the Dansk Spil website at DKK 5,000 (670 Euro) per player per 24 hours, this is the way the government tries to keep online gambling in Denmark from getting out of control.

In an effort to reduce gambling amongst its citizens, Denmark is taking a similar stand as in the US by trying to pressure banks and financial institutions to block all transfers related to online gambling in foreign based website. As we saw in the US this strategy is not the ultimate solution as many gamers still find ways to fund their gambling online and keep playing on foreign based casino sites.

By Michael F
Michael F