Antigua, Barbuda is known as the Mecca of online gambling. In 1994, this is where the phenomenon that is online gambling began. Today, most online gambling companies are still based in Antigua in order to take full advantage of the license there

The first step was to develop gaming software. This is where Microgaming came in. This company created the first fully operational casino software, leading the way for many other online gambling sites to follow suit.

From that point onward the online gambling industry exploded and had gained an enormous following over the last few years. It is reported that in 2009 alone, the industry’s revenue reached $25.8 billion.

There are over 2000 online casinos available for players to choose from, with most averaging on over 500 games each.

Clearly, the online gambling world leaves players with an abundance of choice and possibility.
Broadband has also increased speed and atmosphere within these sites, making the graphics and experience pretty much like you have taken your comfy office chair and placed it round a table full of high rollers. The sounds and personas can be recreated with online characters, making the overall playing experience interactive and leaving players on the edge of the seats.

The graphics associated with online casinos are of the highest quality and generally are an experience all on their own – never mind the games themselves.

Online casinos also offer 24/7 online support, assisting players with and queries or solving any hassles they may experience whilst enjoying the wide world of online casinos.
Another aspect that sets online casinos apart is the fact that every game has its own casino bonus structure.

Every casino bonus can increase the player’s winnings dramatically.

You can even receive a casino bonus for simply downloading the software. All you need to do regarding casino bonuses, is familiarize yourself with them and make sure you know when and how to use them.
Of course, the main advantage to online gambling and what probably is the reason that most people try it out in the first place, is the convenience. It is simply more convenient to play from the comfort of your home, or by the pool or wherever else you may choose, then schlepping your way to a land-based casino and dealing with all the hassles that come with that.

As technology progresses so will the online casino industry. With mobile technology as well as new internet features and devices available – the online casino industry is bound to explode even further. More and more revenue will be generated and players will experience further thrilling, action packed games.

By Pete
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