If we ask to one hundred people why they gamble, we will have one hundred different answers and a hundred different reasons. As the stakes in any way are linked with sinful concepts, guilt, shame and the hiding of the gambling activities, there is no doubt that players in most cases only state that they bet for fun and using their extra money. But everyone knows that gambling badly managed is the cause personal and familiar problems, and a shortcut to bankruptcy.

Could the ban of all traditional casinos and its online variations reduce the gambling addiction in a magical way?
If gambling is a latent trait in the personality, or is it something that is acquired by the force of habit, is beyond the claims of this article and will be a topic for psychologists. But let’s see if the casinos, racetracks and betting houses are responsible for generating addiction or not.

Maybe the casinos have some kind of responsibility because most of them are not actively involved in the detection of addicted people, and obviously this is a very important fault. What is important to ask, is whether in the cities where there are no casinos, racetracks and sports betting agencies, people bet less than in the large cities where we can find these places. Obviously in a small city there are not casino games, but a person with a gambling habit will always find opportunities to bet that are often clandestine. In addition many casinos in large cities, have very low percentage of repeated visitors in the game rooms, as most visitors are tourists, or people that make a visit in a very special occasion to visit a different environment, and have fun in a glamorous atmosphere that is always far from our everyday lives.

It’s really very sad to see how some people gamble just to solve some urgent financial need, as we all know that betting is never a source of income. More annoying, are the famous “methods” to beat the roulette wheel, or to break the odds in our favour with sports betting.

No serious casino developer can agree with this nonsense, since at casinos or bingo you may have a pleasant and exciting time, but 90% of the odds are that you will lose your money. Gambling must never be taken as a source of income, since this attitude has been, is, and will be the ruin of individuals, families and businesses. To have a good time online, download a movie, read a book, play chess or get an appointment in dating. Only bet, if you have extra money that you may afford to loss.

By Peter
The author is the owner of an online casinos website and a researcher for the best gambling sites