Tournaments have now become the most famous types of playing online bingo. However the real history of online bingo tournaments generally goes back before personal computer was dreamed of. Bingo hall, everything that we know about online bingo, goes back to about time the first TV started making appearance. It was in 1930’s when Catholic priest from the Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania, on advice of his parishioners, began making use of this game of online bingo to make money for failing church. Also this essentially began first weekly bingo online tournament. There was just one problem: that Edwin S. Lowe, man credited for making modern American bingo, and had just made 24-differently numbered cards. With some combinations church will have half dozen people who were calling bingo in each game.

Lowe was contacted & charged with task to make substantial number of some unique bingo cards. For the bingo tournament to get played by number of people there were enough bingo cards for accommodating them. Lowe, traveling toy salesman, also recognized fundraising potential of little game that he happened on, and never think profitability of online bingo tournaments did not slip past him. Help of the Carl Leffler, professor of the mathematics in Columbia University, was then enlisted.

This was before time of computer, thus Leffler worked-out bingo cards by hand and task got very hard as more and more bingo cards were made finding unique combinations became difficult that by end Lowe was then paid Leffler $100 for each bingo card that was pile of money then. All-in-all Leffler came-up with around 6,000 possible bingo cards and historical rumor is he went all insane after complete task as well as spent rest of his days by screaming bingo in padded room at mental hospital.

It might not seem much, however 6,000 bingo cards were sufficient to get bingo to go as popular fundraiser in America, and growing game closer as well as to size required for good bingo tournament online. By around 1934 there was reported 10,000 bingo nights at different places all over America. Largest gathering, according to the Lowe, was around 60,000 people at Teaneck Armory at New York. Lowe also claimed that around 10,000 people turned away.

These days we have computers as well as number of bingo cards is 1,474,200 and around 60,000 people might seem like lots of bingo players, however just imagine that how many people can get gathered together for bingo tournament on Internet? Enough for the people to have an duplicate bingo cards and what started as fundraiser with 24-cards is turning in worldwide tradition. Online bingo as well as bingo tournament are growing.

By Max Turner
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