Craps is adrenalin pumping casino game where you can win large amounts of money in a short time. A game of teamwork, casino online craps is played by a group of players in a jovial atmosphere around the Craps table. The beauty lies in the win for all players in the group, on a single bet placed by any one member. This element of the game makes it almost party-like attracting gamers from far and wide.

For new entrants, online craps and online jackpot may seem very intimidating with innumerable options of betting. But being a game consisting of rounds, it is quite simple to follow and you become familiar quite easily. The first roll is known as the Come Out Roll and a 7 or 11 in this roll gives you a win and if it is 2,3, or 12 you lose, which is called craps. Any other number rolled is called a Point, and allows you to roll the dice continuously till the same point is rolled again or a 7. This is the gist of the game.

There are two types in casino online craps game – Bank Craps and Street Craps. In Bank Craps, the house covers bets of all players and pits them against the house. The ‘banker’ sets all stakes and the ‘shooter’ calls a number between five and nine before rolling the dice. If the dice matches the number called, it is a win. Street Craps is similar to bank craps but without the banker. In this version the players bet against each other.

Strategies need to be adopted to win in a game of casino or online roulette. Players require knowing the hot streaks and surviving the cold streaks. Once a hot streak is identified, a player can bet and win a lot of money. Determining a hot streak will be easy, if you keep notes and track your performance. Dice control is another effective strategy that can be mastered with practice.

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