If you’re a lover of the craps game, you need to know more about craps bonuses and high stake craps in order to maximize your winnings. There are few points you must note about the bonuses each time you want to play the game. Let’s discuss them below.

The Reality of Craps Bonuses

Craps bonuses exit for real. However, only very few online casino portals allow players to play with their bonus money. The reason is very simple- people normally go ahead to abuse the bonus by betting on two options at the same time instead of one. When such is the case, the players will not have any chance to lose or win. Hence, they can as well go ahead to withdraw the bonus money without losing or winning the game. By so doing, the casino involved may be losing every time. In any case, some big casinos that offer bonuses have also devised various strategies that will force you to either play to lose or win while using the bonuses.

What You Should Know before accepting Craps Bonuses

Before you go ahead to accept any craps bonus, you need to know the wagering terms and requirements. You have to be sure that you know the basic terms and conditions involved in order not to void your bonus money. This saves you from losing big when the odds go against you in the game.

High Stake Craps

You can actually win big in online craps bonus if you care to play high stakes craps with a good betting strategy or other high roller craps methods. Playing the high stakes is always very entertaining and interesting. The benefit of playing high stake craps is that all the multiple bets you place including the odd bets will always remain on the crap table for the next rounds to be played. They can always remain up to 7 rounds. This means that you have to wager larger amount of money to place the multiple bets. You can as well win big if the game goes in your favor.

Placing your High Stakes Craps

If you dare to go for high stakes craps, you need to choose from among the best casinos online. Take time to locate the best casinos that have credibility and excellent customer service. The casino you choose, should allow wagering for high limit craps as well especially when clearing bonuses or when entering VIP point. Such sites must also allow high deposits and withdrawals from players.

High Roller Craps

High roller craps works just like other regular craps. The same rules and strategies also apply. The only difference is that the money involved in high roller craps is usually a substantial amount. You must be a big guy to go for the high roller craps. You can always locate these options in most big online casinos. However, just bear in mind you can also win big or lose a lot if the odds go against you.

By Ima Johnson
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