What are online casinos? What are they about? Are they fixed? Are they safe? There are many questions that one would ask when thinking about whether to gamble at them or not.

Unlike actual casinos in your area where the ambience and atmosphere is usually delightfully pleasant, you will feel alone when seated in front of your pc possible late on a Friday evening. Where as real casinos have other walking around, staff providing you with drinks and sandwiches, you are left to your own devices when playing in the comfortable surroundings of your own home.

Online Casinos are simply the same as normal casinos apart from the fact that there is usually no one else there. You may get bugged by those you share a home with as one or the other wishes to use google to search for the latest tv listings, but other than that you are still able to win or lose money.

There are much more choices online than that of offline. The internet has the ability to provide almost unlimited amounts of different games that one would not find in a normal offline casino meaning you could possibly be more entertained. The majority of online casinos are safe although with any aspects of life they are certain casinos that are rigged so you lose everything. These can be sounded out rather quickly by checking which casino software they use. Microgaming are a very good casino software provider and offer a safe playing environment on top of some rather large progressive jackpots that can be one on many slot machines on offer by the online casinos.

There are literally thousands of casinos to choose from although one would be hard pushed to find all of them. Many of the casinos are operated by what is know as Proprietary software meaning they have set the odds themselevs and not an independant software developer such as Microgaming.

Deciding on which online casino is right for you can be a long drawn process and is best not rushed, those that do could end up getting bitten and that is the last thing you want as someone new to online casinos. It may be that you are not at all interested in online casinos but would prefer to use the best online bookmakers as you are a betting fan, even poker and bingo have their online advantages and should be looked into thoroughly before making a final decision.

This will sound slightly sad but is also very important and that is to use your family to help make a decision, it may be that the funds simply are not there in which case you should vote against even contemplating it. Speak to the wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t have a few drinks and think “to hell with it”.

There are many highly respected online casino portals that provide reviews and advice on the best online casinos to join including those that allow free trials to test the water which is always a good idea. QwertyCasino.com in particular, provides reviews on online casinos as well as an informative online casino forum that provides discussions, exclusive free rolls and general chatter about casinos and would be a good choice to visit prior to making a choice.

The key to choosing is not always which casino to choose but whether you and maybe your family feel it is a good idea at the time. As with all purchases, signing up to an online casino should be thought through carefully and only if your bank balance can afford it.

By Ben Carso
UK casino reviews